Maxi Torque-Rite | Power Drawbar Head

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Product Description

This is an air gun assembly used with the Torque Rite power drawbar.

  • Slim-line design and powerful air cylinder can deliver up to 40-50ft. lbs. of torque on the tool holder, not 15-25ft. lbs. like the competition.
  • Will virtually eliminate tools slipping in R-8 collects on heavy cuts.
  • Has less moving parts and O-rings to deliver years of trouble free service.
  • Change a tool in seconds.
  • Increase productivity on your manual milling machine.
  • Decrease cycle time on your CNC milling machine.
  • Installs in minutes on most milling machines R-8, 30TAPER, and 40TAPER spindles
  • Drawbar are made from 4140 pre hard (28-32RC), threads are rolled formed for long lasting bar life, drawbar heads including splines and spacers are heat treated.
  • The full Power Drawbar Assembly comes complete with filter, regulator, lubricator, drawbar, extra long air hose, bottle of air tool oil, grease and all mounting hardware.
  • Please note this is just the air gun assembly.