Digital Readout Accessories

Digital readout accessories such as mounting brackets, sealing lips, and adapter cables are essential components that complement the functionality of the DRO system as a whole:

  • Mounting Brackets: These brackets provide secure attachment points for installing the DRO display unit, linear scales, and other components onto the machine tool. They ensure proper alignment and stability, minimizing vibrations and maintaining the accuracy of position measurements.

  • Sealing Lips: Sealing lips are designed to protect sensitive DRO components, such as linear scales and encoders, from dust, debris, coolant, and other contaminants commonly encountered in machining environments. By sealing off critical areas, they help maintain the reliability and longevity of the DRO system, reducing the risk of damage and downtime.

  • Adapter Cables: Adapter cables are used to connect various DRO system components, such as display units, linear scales, and encoders, ensuring seamless communication and data transmission between them. They play a vital role in establishing electrical connections and compatibility between different parts of the DRO system, facilitating accurate position tracking and real-time feedback during machining operations.

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