Encoders / Scales

Encoders play a fundamental role in digital readout (DRO) systems within the machine tool industry, serving as sensors to precisely measure and track the position of machine tool components. Encoders convert mechanical motion into electrical signals, enabling accurate positioning and movement control essential for machining operations. Their integration with DRO systems enhances operational efficiency, increases productivity, and ensures the consistency and precision of machined parts.

  • Position Sensing: Encoders precisely determine the position of machine components along axes like X, Y, and Z.
  • Real-Time Feedback: They provide continuous feedback to operators and CNC controllers, allowing for immediate adjustments during machining.
  • Accuracy: Encoders ensure high accuracy and precision in DRO systems, meeting specified tolerances.
  • Measurement Types: They offer both incremental and absolute position measurement capabilities.
  • Productivity: Integration with DRO systems streamlines workflows, reducing setup times and errors for increased productivity.
  • Compatibility: Encoders are compatible with various CNC systems, enabling seamless integration and automation.


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