Styluses serve several critical functions in the CNC machine tool industry, primarily aiding in precision measurement and alignment tasks. Here's a breakdown:

  • Probe Calibration: Styluses are essential components of probe systems used for calibrating and verifying the accuracy of CNC machine tools. They help ensure that the machine's measurement capabilities remain within specified tolerances.
  • Workpiece Measurement: Styluses are employed in touch probes to accurately measure workpiece dimensions and surface features. They make contact with the workpiece surface, transmitting data to the CNC machine's control system for analysis and adjustment.
  • Tool Length Measurement: Styluses are utilized in tool setting probes to determine the length and diameter of cutting tools. This information is crucial for tool offset compensation, ensuring precise machining and preventing tooling errors.
  • Edge and Corner Detection: Styluses enable CNC machines to detect the edges and corners of workpieces accurately. This capability is vital for aligning parts and establishing reference points for machining operations, contributing to the overall accuracy and quality of manufactured components.

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