Starrett - Surface Plate, Crystal Pink Granite, Three-Face Tri-Square, 9 x 12 x 3, Grade A Inspection, Case #9 - G-81962

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Product Description

This is Starrett's granite tri-square surface plate. Three-Face Granite Tri-Squares provide an excellent, economical way to check X, Y and Z axis alignment on CNCs and CMMs. They can also be used in the same way as a steel square for direct checking of squareness and straightness.

Lying in the horizontal position, the X and Y axis can be checked for 90 degree squareness. With the square in the vertical position, tracing along the vertical edge of the square can check the perpendicularity of the Z axis.

  •  Size LxWxT (in): 9 X 12 X 3
  •  Grade (U.S.): A Inspection
  •  Size LxWxT (mm): 225 X 300 X 75