Starrett - Master Precision Level, 15 In, 0.0005 In per Ft, Case #39 - 199Z

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Product Description

This is a Starrett master precision level and has 1 division that equals 0.0005 inches per foot.

  • Levels are measuring tools to determine the true horizontal or vertical plane of a surface. This model has 2 liquid-filled vials - horizontal and vertical - with a bubble that moves when adjustments are made. When it settles, it indicates that a surface is horizontally or vertically straight.
  • This precision level has a graduation of 1/2 thousandth (0.0005) of an inch per foot, or 0.04mm per meter with 10 second accuracy.
  • Level vials are positioned so breakage is reduced to a minimum. Main vials have seven graduations on each side of the bubble.
  • This machinist level has a strong, cast iron base for increased durability.