SD Cylinders | 46mm Bore | SD-13546CUC

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Rear mounting short-body hydraulic cylinder with 46mm bore, 25mm piston stroke; 42.3kn push - 45 pull in piston force; 4.5kgf/cm2 max operating pressure; 7000 max. r.p.m; 3.0 total leakage; M55 x 2.0 draw tube threading with coolant collector.

**Replaces discontinued SYH-1246CCA series cylinder**


Available I.D. (mm): 46

Draw tube threading: M55 x 2.0

Piston Dia. (mm): 132

Piston Stroke (mm): 25

Piston Surface Area (Push): 108

Piston Surface Area (Pull): 97

Piston Force (Push) (kN(kgf): 47(4800)

Piston Force (Pull) (kN(kgf): 44(4500)

Max Operating Pressure (MPa(kgf/cm2): 4.5(45)

Max. 7000

Weight [kg]: 10

Total Leakage: 2.5