Pittsburgh - 8 Inch Three-Jaw Puller, Case #40 - 63952

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Product Description
  • Use the 8-Inch 3 Jaw Small Engine Flywheel Puller to remove most shift-fitted parts with ease; 3 prong gear puller evenly distributes pulling force to protect your gears
  • Manual bearing puller removes slide gears, pulleys, bearings, bushings, and flywheels without causing damage to your application
  • Universal pulley puller tool has reversible jaws that switch from inside to outside grip in short or long reach lengths for maximum versatility; Reach measures from 6 in. to 10 in. diameter
  • Heat-treated carbon steel gives you over a ton of pulling power. The 8 in. puller has reversible jaws to ensure proper grip on a wide range of jobs. The chrome finish helps fight rust and corrosion.