Acu-Rite - MillPWR G2

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Powerful yet easy to operate CNC retrofit systems for knee mills and bed mills. Faster set-ups, shorter run times and a major boost in productivity are just one "powerful easy" retrofit away. Our new MILLPWRG2 control and retrofit kits can turn just about any knee mill into a powerhouse money-maker.


  • USB + Ethernet compatible
  • Simplified navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens
  • Upgrades available for all legacy MILLPWRG2 models
  • 12.1" high resolution display with 3D graphics
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • Available offline software
  • Estimated runtime feature
  • Expanded tool / datum offsets


  1. For an exchange option, a G2 console is sent to the customer, the customer sends Acurite service the bad console and it is repaired and the customer is charged the corresponding repair costs.
  2. For a repair option, there is a $391.50 evaluation/labor fee plus the cost of any replacement parts.