120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors - WT001

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Product Description


This is a 120 piece set of solder seal wire connectors.

  • Solderless, crimpless, all you need is just a heat gun to finish the joint, much faster and easier than the old way.
  • Can be bent after connection and no need to crimp or solder in the confined area, just control the temperature via a heat gun.
  • There is two hot melt waterproof adhesive rings in each butt connector, which help it hold up better to moisture.
  • Use exclusive material in the butt connectors to avoid shrink tubing melting before solder ring.
Connector Type Butt Splice
Terminal Butt Terminal
Item AWG MM Color QTY


26-24 0.25-0.34 White 30
SWT-21 22-18 0.5-1.0 Red 40
SWT-31 16-14 1.5-2.5 Blue 40
SWT-41 12-10 4.0-6.0 Yellow 10