Heidenhain - ERN 460 Rotary Encoder - 385460-05

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ERN 460
Incremental rotary encoder with integral bearing 
for mounting by stator coupling
Line count:              2000
Output signal:           TTL
Max. scanning frequency: 300.00 kHz
Power supply:            10 V ... 30 V
Coupling version:        Stator coupling for plane
                         surface (hole circle Ø 63
Shaft:                   Hollow through shaft with
                         clamping ring usable on 
                         both sides, diameter 12 
Degree of protection:    IP64 (EN60529)
Operating temperature:   -40/+70 °C
Electrical connection:   free cable end
Pin configuration:       D294999
Connecting direction:    Cable outlet for axial 
                         and radial use
Included part:           no enclosed part
Cable length:            1.00 m
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