Heidenhain - 536398-01 - IBV101

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  • 536398-01
  • IBV 101 TTLx10 200.00 RV OT OH 27B12 27S012
IBV 101
Interpolation and digitizing electronics for 
encoders with 1 Vpp signals
Input signal:            sinusoidal voltage 
                         signals (1 Vpp)
Electrical connection:   Flange socket M23, 
                         female, 12-pin
Output signal:           Square-wave signals, TTL 
                         levels with 10-fold 
Electrical connection 2: Flange socket M23, male, 
Max. scanning frequency: 200.00 kHz
Reference mark:          90°
Fault detection signal:  for disturbance LOW
Reversal hysteresis:     without
Power supply:            5 V (+-5 %)
Pin configuration:       D294999
Pin configuration 2:     D294999
Degree of protection:    IP65 (EN60529)
Operating temperature:   0/+70 °C
Special characteristics, 
IBV/EXE/IDP:             none