Grayhill - Rotary Mechanical Encoder Switch, 10 Position, 36 Degree, 3A, 71 Series - 71BD36-3119

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Product Description


This is a rotary mechanical encoder switch with non-shorting wiping contacts and 1/4-inch adjustable stops. The 71 series switch is made up of diallyl per MIL-M-14 base, thermoplastic rotor mounting plate, gold-plated phosphor bronze rotor contact and gold plate over silver plate brass terminals.
  • 100mΩ Maximum contact resistance
  • 10000MΩ Average insulation resistance
Panel Mount
No. of Switch Positions: 10
No. of Poles 1
Angle of Throw 36
Contact Current AC Max 3A
Contact Current DC Max 125mA
Contact Voltage AC Max 110V
Solder Lug
Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)
1/4 in
D / Flatted
Without Switch
30 VDC
25000 Cycles