Tight-Tolerance Multipurpose O1 Tool Steel Rod, 0.9688" Diameter, 3 Feet Long - 8893K52

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Product Description


This is a 3 foot tight-tolerance oil-hardening 01 tool steel rod.


Material O1 Tool Steel
Shape Rod and Disc
Diameter 0.9688"
Diameter Tolerance -0.001" to 0.001"
Tolerance Rating Tight
Yield Strength 50,000 psi
Fabrication Hot Rolled
Heat Treatment Annealed (Softened)
Hardness Rockwell B90
Hardness Rating Medium
Maximum Hardness After Heat Treatment Rockwell C65
Heat Treatable Yes
Mechanical Finish Precision Ground
Appearance Plain
Specifications Met ASTM A681
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 7.1 × 10-6
Elongation 25%
Material Composition
Carbon 0.85-1.05%
Chromium 0.40-0.70%
Manganese 1.00-1.40%
Nitrogen 0.40-0.60%
Phosphorus 0-0.030%
Silicon 0-0.50%
Sulfur 0-0.030%
Tungsten 0.40-0.60%
Vanadium 0-0.30%
Iron Remainder
Warning Message Physical and mechanical properties are not guaranteed. They are intended only as a basis for comparison and not for design purposes.
Length Tolerance Plus
Length 3 ft.