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Their mission is to meet or exceed our customer expectations by providing outstanding and innovative air cleaning equipment, exceptional technical support and aspiring to operational excellence is founded in our history.

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. has drawn on its years of experience to manufacture complete air filtration systems that provide the most filtration performance, efficiency and capacity for the money. 

They serve their customers by designing, manufacturing and marketing the most cost-effective high-quality air cleaners in the industry. They continue to operate on the basis of providing practical productive equipment and honest answers, and in the belief that delivering on their promises is one of our most effective sales tools. 

Brand names currently offered by AQE include:

  • SMOKEMASTER® line of electrostatic precipitators for tobacco smoke
  • EverClear™ line of HEPA filtration systems for cigar and cigarette smoke
  • MiracleAir® line of office, school and home HEPA air purifiers
  • The innovative MistBuster® line for machine tool coolant mist
  • FumeFighter® for portable fume extraction
  • The Air Quality Engineering comprehensive line of industrial air cleaners

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