480Pcs, Grade 12.9, Hexagon Socket Button Head Screws, Nuts, and Bolts Assortment Kit, M3 M4 M5 - BT15-PB15-YB15

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Product Description


This is a 480 piece kit of grade 12.9 nuts and bolts.

Size 480pcs Hex Socket Head Cap Screw Nuts BT15-11
Color Black
Material Alloy Steel
Fastener Type Hex
Head Style Socket
Number of Pieces 480
Grade Rating Grade_12.9


M5 Screws: 8mm-------20pcs

M5 Screws:12mm----- 10pcs

M5 Screws:16mm----- 10pcs

M5 Screws: 20mm----- 10pcs

M5 Nuts--------50pcs

M4 Screws: 8mm-------20pcs

M4 Screws: 12mm------20pcs

M4 Screws: 16mm------20pcs

M4 Screws: 20mm------20pcs

M4 Nuts--------80pcs

M3 Screws: 8mm-------30pcs

M3 Screws: 12mm------30pcs

M3 Screws: 16mm------30pcs

M3 Screws: 20mm------30pcs

M3 Nuts--------100pcs