SENC 150 Linear Encoder (in.)

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SENC 150 Linear Encoder
  • Order Encoders by Travel Length not Overall Length. Overall Length = Travel + 6.362" (161.6mm)

The SENC 150 from ACU-RITE is the ideal scale for all applications. The compact and robust design, and the numerous possibilities for mounting, make it ideal for retrofitting. The slight dimensions and high accuracies of this ball-bearing guided encoder, which uses the reflected light method, are ideal prerequisites that can be used in metrology applications.

  • Robust design
  • Resolutions from 0.5 µm to 5 µm
  • Output signals: TTL
  • Measuring lengths from 75 mm/2" to 3075 mm/120"
  • Distance-coded reference marks
SENC 150
Incremental sealed linear encoder with small 
cross section
Measuring lengths:      75 mm 
                        3075 mm (max)
                        2.0 inch
                        120 inch (max)
Accuracy grade:         ± 5.0 µm
Grating period:         20.000 µm
Fastening type:         End block + mounting spar
Output signal:          Differential TTL output
Resolution:             5 / 1 / 0.5 µm at 4-fold evaluation
Reference mark position:Distance-coded reference 
                        marks with nominal 
                        increment 1000 x grating 
Power supply:           5V+-5%
Electrical connection:  D-sub connector, metal 
                        housing, 2-row, with metal
                        armor and locking screws, 
                        9-pin male
Cable type:             PVC Ø 5.0 mm with armor Ø 
                        8.25 mm
Cable length:           4.00 m
                        13.0 foot
Company identification: Acu-Rite