Royal - ACCU-LENGTH 5C Collet - CNC Collet Chucks

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  • These chucks utilize spring-type collets and therefore do not provide the parallel grip functionality or wide gripping range of our Quick-Grip™ models.
  • Dead-length operation – sleeve pushes forward to compress the collet, providing precise z-axis part positioning.
  • Low-profile nose offers outstanding tool clearance.
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Simple Design

All Royal CNC collet chucks are balanced by design for high-speed operation, and can often be run at higher speeds than conventional 3-jaw chucks because they are less prone to the negative effects of centrifugal force.

Spindle Bearing Protection

An oversized flange acts as a coolant slinger to protect lathe spindle bearings from contaminants.

Bolt & Go™

Our exclusive Bolt & Go™ mounting feature is standard on all Royal Low-Profile Collet Chuck models. Bolt & Go™ enables chucks to be mounted very quickly and ensures maximum accuracy and rigidity.

Completely Sealed

Lubricated for life, these chucks incorporate multiple O-ring seals to keep contaminants out and prevent chip pack-up on bore-thru applications.

Dead-Length Operation

Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks incorporate dead‑length operation to eliminate part pullback. With this design, the collet is held stationary in the chuck body and a tapered sleeve pushes forward to compress it, resulting in precise z-axis workpiece positioning.

Outstanding Rigidity

All Royal Accu-Length™ Collet Chucks have been optimized for maximum rigidity, and all components are hardened for strength and durability.


All external dimensions have been optimized to provide maximum tool clearance.

High Accuracy

All Royal Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks are guaranteed to run within 0.0002" TIR.

Wide Range

Royal manufactures a wide range of Accu-Length™ Collet Chucks to fit all popular spindle noses and collet styles.

Easy Installation

All Royal Low-Profile Accu-Length™ Collet Chucks include a collet wrench, mounting hardware, mounting wrenches, and a custom-machined drawtube connector for hassle-free installation.