Renishaw - XL80 Laser Calibration System XC-80 Interferometer With Optics And Tripod, Case #7 - A-9908-0405

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Product Description


 This XL80 system was upgraded from ML10 in 2021, with a 5 year extended warranty.


What's in this case:


  1.  XL-80 Laser Kit: A-9908-0405, This is the heart of the Renishaw calibration system. Laser frequency stability is 0.05 ppm over one year, range 80 m, 4 m/s measurement velocity, 50 kHz dynamic measurement and 0.001 µm resolution.
  2. Universal Tripod Base: A-9908-0295, Enables the laser beam to be positioned anywhere from 0.54 m - 1.56 m in height.  It is 64 cm long when collapsed and less than 4 kg in weight. Note: requires separate XL-80 tripod stage kit (includes stage and tripod adapter).
  3. Fabric Tripod Case: M-9908-0527, Close fitting woven nylon case with plastic armour inserts. Comes complete with carry handle, shoulder strap and link strap for mounting to XL system case for easy transport.
    Dimensions 700 mm length x 170 mm width x 170 mm depth, weight 1.8 kg. 
  4. XC-80 Compensator Kit: A-9908-0510, The environmental compensator for the XL-80 laser and a must for accurate linear measurements (not required for other modes). Incorporates air pressure and humidity sensors. One air and up to three material temperature sensors can be connected. Compensating range is 0º C - 40º C, 650-1150 mbar pressure and 0 - 95% humidity
    1. Material Temperature Sensor and Cable: A-9908-0879

    2. Air Temperature Sensor and Cable: A-9908-0878

    3. XC-80 Compensator: A-9908-0564

    4. XC Mounting Plate: A-9908-0892

    5. USB Cable

  5. Universal Power Supply: A-9908-0299, Supplied with UK, European and US mains lead, input voltage 100–240 V
  6. XL Tripod Stage Kit: A-9908-0700, XL tripod stage kit Attaches to the laser head   and allows yaw (range 3º) and translation (range 72 mm) adjustments. Quick release mechanism to fix onto the tripod base adapter or the XL magnetic base adapter.
    1. Spirit Level Circular: A-9908-0323, The spirit level is a levelling aid for setting up the XL-80, XM-60 and XM-600.      
  7. Linear Optics Kit: A-8003-0440, For positioning accuracy and repeatability of an axis. For linear measurements over 40 m you will require the long range linear accessory kit.
    1. Linear Reflector (Qty 2): A-8003-0219
    2. Linear Interferometer: A-8003-0557
    3. Alignment Target (qty 2): A-8003-0478
  8. Angular Optics Kit: A-8003-0441, These optics allow angular pitch and yaw                  measurements of an axis to be made. Can measure maximum angular deflections of up to ±10° with resolution of 0.01 arc sec These optics allow angular pitch and yaw measurements of an axis to be made. Can measure maximum angular deflections of up to ±10° with resolution of 0.01 arc sec.
    1. Angular Interferometer: A-8003-0186
    2. Angular Reflector: A-8003-0181
    3. Alignment Target (Qty 2): A-8003-0478
  9. Universal Straightness Shutter: A-8003-4209, A special shutter assembly to rotate the return port in the shutter by 90°. When used with straightness optics, this allows for straightness measurement in the vertical axis.
  10. LS350 Laser Beam Steerer: A-8003-3072, Provides easy angular adjustment of the laser beam in both horizontal and vertical planes. This patented accessory eliminates the need for fine laser translation and rotation. The LS350 laser beam steerer speeds up linear, angular and straightness measurements in both the horizontal and vertical axes, whether in-line or at 90°.
  11. Optics Mounting Kit: A-8003-0447, The optics mounting kit is for use with all Renishaw measurement optics. The kit is used to mount the measurement optics to the machine under test.
    1. Clamp Block (Qty 2): A-8003-0262
    2. Base Plate (Qty 1):  A-8003-0522
    3. Mounting Pillar (Qty 3):  M-8003-0470
    4. MB Adaptor: A-8003-0979
  12. Magnetic Base (Qty 3), Can be used for mounting the optics or the XL laser head in combination with the XL magnetic base adapter. On/ off switch. Female M8 fixing thread on upper side provided. (for XL-80 mounting use together with item A-9908-0760)