Renishaw - OMP600 Probe (Optical/Optical - Modulated) - A-5180-2001

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OMP600 probe including batteries and tool kit.

The OMP600 is a compact, high-accuracy touch probe that offers all the benefits of automated job set-up as well as the ability to measure complex 3D part geometries on CNC machining centres, including multi-tasking machines.

With patented RENGAGE™ strain gauge technology and interference-resistant optical transmission, the OMP600 provides the same superior performance found in all Renishaw high-accuracy probes.

Technical Table

Transmission type Optical

Key features and benefits:

• Unbeatable 3D accuracy and repeatability enables reliable on-machine gauging/measurement
• Improved accuracy with long styli means difficult parts can be probed more easily
• Ultra-low trigger force for delicate work helps eliminate possible surface and form damage
• Compact design enables better access in restricted spaces and small machines
• Robust, even in the harshest environment, means reliable measurement and long service life