Newall - Spherosyn 2G Encoder Assembly, 288" Travel Length

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Product Description

Accuracy 10µm
Resolution (Inches) 0.0002/ 0.0005 
Note: Order encoders by Travel Length not overall length. Overall Length = Travel + 10.2"

Encoder Features


Shock and Vibration
In comparison to other linear displacement technologies, Newall's linear encoders are tolerant to high degrees of vibration and shock.

    • Shock and Impact (11ms IEC 69-2-6):
      Spherosyn™ technology = 1000m/s2 (100g)
    • Vibration (55 - 2000Hz IEC 68-2-27):
      Spherosyn™ technology = 300m/s2 (30g)

High Traverse Rate
Newall linear encoders will not skip count even at high traverse rates. Travel rates of up to 2 meters per second can be achieved, while the Absolute encoder version carries a slew rate of up to 60m/second.

Newall linear encoders require no regular cleaning or maintenance, unlike non-contact systems; the linear encoders have no general wear characteristics. There are no LEDs to burn out or glass scales to get scratched or broken. There are no roller bearings, leaf springs or other moving parts to wear out or fail.

Ease of Installation
Installation is simple and forgiving and can be accomplished in a fraction of the time as compared to other linear encoder systems. Even with scale lengths up to 36’ (11m), machined surfaces or backing bars are not needed. For more compact installations, scales less than 20” (508mm) in length need only be supported on one end of the scale. Unlike tape-based systems, they do not rely on a head-to-tape gap height that can vary due to pitch, roll and yaw of a machine’s traveling axis.

Thermal Expansion
The thermal behavior of the linear encoder is an essential criterion for the working accuracy of a machine tool. And thus it is common knowledge that the thermal behavior of the linear encoder should match that of the work piece. Newall encoders carry a coefficient of thermal expansion of 12ppm, the same as steel/iron.

In comparison to glass based encoders, a 50°F (10°C) temperature rise can result in a thermal expansion error in the order of  0.0016" (40μm) over 39.4" (1m) of travel. Newall encoders will expand and contract at the same rate as the machine tool and machined part resulting in better accuracy performance. 


  • Reader Head w/11.5' Armored Cable
  • Scale
  • Scale Cover
  • Scale Support Brackets