50 pcs, 6 Sizes, Waterproof Adjustable NPT Cable Gland - NPT(50)Box6A-B

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Product Description


This is a 50 piece kit with 6 sizes of waterproof adjustable NPT cable glands.

  • 6 types of wire glands: NPT 1/4”: 20pcs, NPT 3/8”: 10pcs, NPT 1/2”: 10pcs, NPT 3/4”: 6pcs, NPT1”: 2pcs, NPT1-1/4”: 2pcs in our cable glands kit.
  • The cord grips are made from high quality nylon PA66 plastic, and used for cable fixing, wire splices, machinery control boxes, distribution panels, and electrical appliances etc .
  • IP68 rating allows for underwater use. Resistant to salt water, weak acid, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents. Provides long time protection for your indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Widely cable range from 0.10-0.25inch/ 0.20-0.39inch/ 0.25-0.47inch/ 0.5-0.7inch/ 0.7-0.9inch/ 0.9-1.2inch cable gland assortment. 
  • You just need to thread the cable through the cable gland then tight up the sealing nut and lock nut, the cable will be tightly fixed but no need to disassemble.