Heidenhain - PWM 21 Measuring and Test Equipment Kit for Heidenhain - 1200635-51

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Product Description

This is an Inspection unit for diagnostics and adjustment of absolute and incremental Heidenhain encoders. It is a testing device for connection to a PC through the USB interface.

Testing device (PWM) for detailed testing of an 
incremental or absolute encoder (also in a closed 
control loop), ATS software required, scope of 
function depends on the software version and the 
interfaces supported.
Input interface:        Vpp/TTL/µApp/RS485/ 
Output interface:       USB 2.0
Electrical connection:  Built-in D-sub connector 
                        without housing, 2-row, 
                        female, 15-pin
Pin configuration:      D741688
Power supply:           100 ... 240 Vac (+-10 %), 
                        50 ... 60 Hz (+-2 Hz) / 24
                        Vdc (+-10 %)
Degree of protection:   IP20 (EN60529)
Operating temperature:  0/+45 °C
Special characteristics,
interface electronics:  Trigger in / sync out
Special characteristics,ATS software and the 
software:               associated documentation 
                        are available for free 
                        downloading at 
Software function 2:    ATS-Software essential
Software function 3:    W7 W8 W10 (32 and 64 Bit)

This is the basic Kit of 1200635-01

Mnfr P/N: 638491560B