Greenlee - Knockout Punch and Die Set with 1" Ratchet Wrench (1/2"-2"), Case #18 - 7238SB

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Product Description


This Knockout Punch and Die Set features Greenlee's new high-leverage wrench with five-degree ratcheting mechanism as well as Slug-Buster punches for easy slug removal.

Product Features:

  • For punching holes in mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, fiberglass and plastics
  • Size: 1/2" - 2" conduit size knockouts (hole size: 0.89" - 2.42" or 22.5 mm - 61.5 mm)
  • Material: Punch up to 10 ga mild steel
  • Knurled edge on punches for better grip
  • Laser markings for quick part identification. Alignment markings for improved accuracy.
  • Easy threading - draw studs with "dog point" tip helps eliminate cross-threading.

Operation Instructions

      1. Select the appropriate punch, die, and draw stud for desire hole size.

      2. Drill appropriate pilot hole (refer to table).

      3. Slide corresponding die on to draw stud.

      4. Insert draw stud into pilot hole and thread the punch onto draw stud until punch           assembly is tight n the material surface. Be sure all punch threads are engaged on           the draw stud.

      5. Place ratchet wrench onto the hex end of the draw stud and tighten until punch              is completely through material. 

      6. Unscrew punch and disassemble knockout components. Remove slug from die.

In this case:

  • KRW-1 High-leverage ratchet wrench
  • 1/2" - 2" conduit size Slug-Buster punches
  • 1/2" - 2" conduit size dies
  • 7/16" ball-bearing draw stud
  • 3/4" ball-bearing draw stud
  • KCC-RW2 carrying case

Manufacturing P/N: 52085247