100Pcs Non Insulated Ferrules Pin Cord End Terminal Assortment Kit

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Product Description

  • In this non-insulated ferrule set, we offer 4 types of AWG 4, AWG 2, AWG 1, and AWG 2/0 to total 100 pieces of wire ferrule terminals.
  • All the ferrule terminals are made of high quality copper material, with silver plated on surface for maximum conductivity, rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 
  • These ferrules designed with insulation flare makes wire insertion easier and eliminates loose strands of wire, prevent wire ends from fraying or breaking.
  • This set include 4 types of AWG 4, 2, 1, 2/0 wire copper crimp connectors and provides a great wiring solution for limited space areas.
  • Perfect for car audio install and household appliances or other DIY items. The silver-plated copper tubes make for an easy mating point with terminal blocks, or under set screws and pressure plates.

EN25-16 --------- AWG 4 -------- 40pcs
EN35-16 --------- AWG 2 -------- 30pcs
EN50-16 --------- AWG 1 -------- 20pcs
EN70-20 --------- AWG 2/0 ----- 10pcs

Gauge 4.0
Connector Type Crimp
Contact Material Copper
Surface Silver Plated
Insulation Material Non-Insulated
Terminal Pin Terminal