Fadal - USB Mass Storage Controller, 32GB Memory, Dual Switching Serial Ports

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$499.82 USD

Product Description

  • Dual Switch Serial Ports
  • Latest Atmel CPU
  • Advanced Help Menus
  • Multiple DIR Menu's
  • PU Commands
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Portable Box
  • Run's on +5VDC
  • Fat 32 (Filename Length)  

The Fadal USB Mass Storage Bridge is a Computer Host that interfaces a standard USB Stick (up to 2tb) through the RS232 port to your Fadal Legacy Control. The user can load their CNC Programs into the control memory from the USB

Stick using the standard TA Command or drip feed the program to the control using the Fadal DNC or DNCX Command

The Mass Storage Bridge uses the latest CPU design and supports many advanced functions including multiple directory commands, advanced help menu, time and date stamp, mid tape start and much more.

 Each kit includes  everything you need to install it in your Fadal including a water proof panel mount USB connector with cover, 15 ft. USB cable and 16gb. USB Stick.

It also includes two RJ45 Cables and Connectors to interface to the VMC Control through your 1030 card in slot 8 and also to your existing Computer's RS232 port. 

The unit is powered by 5VDC and is reverse polarity protected in the event the unit is plugged in backwards or there is a power problem in the control.