Command - System II Dynamometer, Adaptive Drawbar Tester, Tool Clamp Tester, Case #12 - S2-1191

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Product Description
  • Detect inadequate retention force in seconds without disassembling drawbar.
  • Modular Components fit most machining centers.
  • Ensure original machine performance.
  • Includes carrying case.
  • Maximize tool life, spindle life and system rigidity.
  • Combat toolholder shank fretting.
  • Not for use with screw type drawbar mechanisms
  • For all 30, 35, 40, 45, & 50 steep taper machining centers (requiring retention knobs) and HSK50A, HSK63A, HSK100A.
  • Interchangeable shanks allow use on virtually all CNC machines

Precision Maintenance Tool
Provides accurate drawbar force measurements on steep taper (CAT, BT, DIN, etc.) and HSK machining centers. Verifies the machine's drawbar performance against the manufacturers' specifications or from readings taken when the machine was new to ensure optimum cutting tool performance.

Fast Performance Quickly identifies if retention force losses are at fault when poor surface finishes appear or when tool performance deteriorates.

Services Entire Machine Shop
 A compact load cell with an electronic display and a family of taper adaptors combine to make a single measuring unit that can service an entire machine shop employing a variety of machining centers.

Simple Operation
Operation is fast and easy. Simply attach the taper adaptor and retention knob adaptor, screw in a retention knob, and install it in your spindle like an ordinary toolholder. The load cell is stretched by the machine's drawbar. This stretch is measured electronically and is instantly displayed on the digital readout. Spring deterioration or maladjustment can be detected in no time. No costly disassembly. No machine downtime.

Convenient Display
Features standard 0-10,000 lb. range, large easy-to-read digital display, auto-off feature and touch sensitive buttons sealed for dust-proof operation. 1000 Hours Operation 

Operates on two 9 volt batteries for up to 1000 hours continuous operation. Calibration data is stored on a non-volatile memory.

Custom Calibration Available
Standard calibration is 0-10,000 pounds. Can be custom calibrated. Call for quote.