SENC 150 Linear Encoder - 558101-16

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Product Description

SENC 150 Incremental sealed linear encoder with small cross section Measuring length: 425 mm 450.85 mm (max) 16.0 inch 17.75 inch (max) Accuracy grade: ± 5.0 µm Grating period: 20.000 µm Fastening type: End block + mounting spar Output signal: Differential TTL output Resolution: 1 µm at 4-fold evaluation Reference mark position:Distance-coded reference marks with nominal increment 1000 x grating period Power supply: 5V+-5% Electrical connection: D-sub connector, metal housing, 2-row, with metal armor and locking screws, 9-pin male Cable type: PVC Ø 5.0 mm with armor Ø 8.25 mm Cable length: 1.50 m 5.0 foot Company identification: Acu-Rite