25 Piece Multimeter Test Leads Kit

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Product Description

This a a Bionso 25-Piece Multimeter Leads Kit, with replaceable gold-plated multimeter probes, alligator clips, test hooks and back probe pins.

  • Leads are made of high quality silicone, cold and high temperature resistant, very soft, more flexible use. A double insulated lead with 100 high-purity copper wire ensures safety, low resistance and no signal loss. 
  • A replaceable gold-plated probe ensures high strength, high conductivity, long service life and accurate test data. 
  • The replaceable gold-plated multimeter test probes, alligator clips, test hook and back probe pins can be used in different measurement environments such as industrial, electronics, home and automotive.
  • The Bionso 25-piece multimeter test leads kit works perfectly with any multimeter, clamp meter or test instrument.
  • What You Get: 2x 43" test leads, 2x handles, 4x 1.0mm gold-plated probes, 2x 2.0mm gold-plated probes, 2x 3.8mm gold-plated banana plug probes, 2x 0.7mm back probe pins, 2x alligator clips, 2x tip shrouds, 1x wrench, 2x test hooks, 2x storage boxes.